Hi, I'm Jen

Hi! My name is Jen, I am an animal lover/artist. I have been drawing my family’s  pets for over 20 years, and now have the opportunity to illustrate your pets as well.

I have long been a fan of artist Roy Lichtenstein, and everything pop-art, which has been the influence for my Fur-ocious Portraits. Although I dabble in several media, my background is in Graphic Design. Using the photograph provided as a guide, I draw your pet with a pop-art twist.

Each of my pet portraits are created by hand in Adobe Illustrator. My digital illustrations are all “hand drawn” in Illustrator. This means I don’t use any computer automated filters to create your illustration. I use the computer’s mouse to draw your pet by hand into the program. Many similar services simply take your photo, spend a couple minutes cropping out the background, then throw a couple of filters or tracing options onto your existing photograph. The end result of my illustration is a vector graphic, which can then be printed on archival acid-free paper with high quality inks.

I also make jewelry and other items, you can view them here: www.LaLocalLoca.com